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Special visa program for medical personnel

Europe has a shortage of doctors, nurses, and dentists. You can use your medical and dental education as a gateway to living and working in a European country.

How can I apply?

The first step is to provide proof of education and license to work in the country you are located in. Once your education and skills have been processed you will be eligible to enter the European country of your choice.


When your application has been processed you will be authorized to work as an authorized doctor, nurse, or dentist.

You will be vetted by the relevant authorities in your field of work.

Once you have been vetted and authorized you will be eligible to obtain a working permit in relation to your education in a European country of your choice.

Can I bring my family?

Your immediate family members will also be granted residency if you are able to be self-sufficient.

The levels of self-sufficiency depend on the different laws of different European countries.

In Denmark, the rates vary from €5,000 to €11,000. The rate is based on how many family members you wish to take with you.

Please note that you must provide bank statements as evidence of self-sufficiency.

Where do I begin?

If you wish to start the process you can contact us by phone 00 45 60 70 80 96 or by e-mail: Contact@Nikmaram-LAR.com